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Capilano Furs prides itself with its unrivalled customer service. Since 1956, Capilano Furs has been providing a full array of services to meet your needs and to make your fur purchase pleasant as well as hassle free. At Capilano Furs, we make sure to create a very enjoyable experience for you whether you have owned a fur for 30 years or if it is your very first purchase; our expert staff will be more than glad to take you through it every step of the way.
We have a full line of quality, custom-made fur items boasting a wide range of prices. We are master craftsmen of the trade, not simply a retail warehouse. Our years of experience will be passed onto you in free consultation whether for styling or choosing the best quality fur for your particular needs. Our agents search worldwide for the best quality skins for your fur. Come and taste the glamour of fur at Capilano Furs.

We ship worldwide whether its exotic or domestic furs styled from the latest fashion trends: European, Asian to the traditional. Come choose from our selection of both custom made or in-stock styles. Feel free to inquire about this service.

Restyling / Remodeling
Do you have an older fur that is in need of some restyling and revitalizing? We can help. Capilano Furs has the expertise in place to restyle and revitalize your old fur to meet your current needs of the latest fashion trends and it is surprisingly reasonably priced. You can turn your stole into a fashionable vest, or your coat into a jacket, or even maybe add some flare by changing your collar, cuffs and trim. Email us and see what kind of beautiful creations we can do for you. It is our pleasure to give you a free estimate.

Cleaning, Glazing and Moth Protection
Capilano Furs has cleaned thousands of fur pieces over the years. Our hand cleaning has ensured that your coat is never torn or buttons ripped off, like with conventional tumbler methods. Moth protection is essential and naturally it is an included part of this process. Glazing of furs is a finishing process that adds gloss, sheen and protection to your fur. If your fur does not look as good as when you first purchased it, it may simply need a glazing process performed on it. Glazing is a free service included with every one of our hand cleanings. Your fur should be cleaned at least once a year to ensure its lustre, moth protection, shine and long life.

Selling your fur
Has someone left you a fur coat you would like to sell? Are you thinking of buying a new coat and would like to sell you old one? In the case of selling you fur we are excited to offer a new service to our clients: pre-owned online sales. There is no consignment fee and all inquiries are directed to you unless you would like us to take care of it for you. There is a nominal administration fee for a year long posting that offers both online and offline advertising. You can find out more by clicking here.

Disaster Restorations
In the unfortunate event of damage to your fur or leather garment whether it was water damage, smoke, pet accidents etc. Capilano Furs is equipped with up-to-date products and equipment to handle any emergency repair. Our Viennese furriers have the expertise readily available to make such repairs possible.

One of the responsibilities of owning a fur is to have an appraisal done at least once every three years. Getting an appraisal is crucial in order to establish a market value for your fur. This appraisal is useful when selling, but vital in the unfortunate case of theft, fire and the like. We have been providing customers and insurance firms with reliable appraisals since 1956.

With the increased number of people traveling to all parts of the world as well those who like hassle free care of their fur, Capilano Furs offers year round secure and cool storage of furs. We offer this service both to our customers and other fur salons.

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