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Capilano Furs was established in 1956, and built on a sound and strong foundation of skills and values. Our senior master craftsman, Mr. Eugen Klein, has been a furrier since the age of 14 where he first studied his skills in Vienna, Autria. By 18, now a mastercraftsman, he brought his knowledge of the trade with him to Canada and for over 40 years now his hand cleaning, personalized service, and great care with every client has allowed Capilano Furs to stand alone.

Distinguished for its unparalleled workmanship, over the years Capilano Furs has become a dominant leader in its industry. Since its inception until now, Capilano Furs has preserved its unmatched level of professionalism and fur, which are the reasons for its success today. Capilano furs has the superb experts to handle all your needs; from sales to cleaning.

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Despite the fact that we live in an age of increasing standardization and mass production, at Capilano Furs we pride ourselves with fur that is the product of our meticulous craftsmanship, which has been passed down from generation to generation preserving a superb quality fur. At Capilano Furs, we believe that creating a fur coat is a unique process where every step of the process is done by hand to create the beautiful fur coat, which will be enjoyed by a unique person for many years to come.

At Capilano Furs we take pride in our work and strive to give our customers an enjoyable experience and the commitment our clients expect. Our agents search worldwide for the best quality skins to serve our clients. We ensure a friendly and helpful ongoing relationship with every client. Taste the glamour of fur. Find it at Capilano Furs.

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Capilano Furs
4070 Delbrook Ave.
North Vancouver, B.C.
V7N 4A1
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Tel.: 604.987.2000